Meetings Bloody Meetings


Do you remember that great training video from 1976, starring John Cleese? Hilarious wasn’t it, but also very insightful. Click here to take a look!

How often do you spend your day in unproductive meetings, that don’t get the job done, that leave you feeling that you’ve wasted your time and resources.

Have you got the usual meeting characters in your organisation? The person who says nothing, there person who talks over everyone else, the negative person or the one who wants to be in charge and take over the agenda?

The reality is that everyone going into a meeting will have their own agenda, stuff that they have in their heads that they want to say or know, and trust me it won’t be the same as what is on the official agenda!

I’ll show you a way to make your meetings productive, inclusive, engaging and meaningful, in fact if you wish I will even run them for you.

Drop me an email now to make 2019 the year of the Productive Meeting in your organisation.