Are you getting what you want out of your marriage?

If the answer is no, read on, because it could be different with a bit of help.

It was great wasn’t it when you first met and everything was romantic and lovey dovey? Then someone suggested marriage and a mortgage, then came the idea of kids, so there were more mouths to feed and a bigger house needed! So then you had to work harder and longer hours to afford to get through the month.

And then maybe you started working longer and longer hours, staying in the office, because it was easier than going home and sharing the domestic chaos? Suddenly you find yourself in a partnership that doesn’t feel like one, it feels like you’re both pulling in opposite directions, you’re trying to feel good about things but not really achieving much. You end up feeling quite alone, dissatisfied with life and each other.


Relationship coaching with me, Lesley Downs, can put you back to being a couple again, remind you why you got together in the first place and rekindle the love that you once felt for each other. With a bit of gentle guidance you could learn to enjoy each other’s company and put the fun back into your relationship.