For Couples

Whether you’ve been together for a few months, a few years or 30+ years, you will undoubtedly go through difficult phases in your relationship.  Times when being together seems a struggle, when you don’t feel listened to or truly heard, when you don’t feel that your needs are being met or maybe even considered.  There will be times when you think about ditching the relationship altogether and going your separate ways.

But working as a couple to strengthen your relationship, to develop the skills and ability to be move forward together in a more conscious and effective way, is I promise you, an enriching experience.

Creating a vision for your ideal future, that encompasses both of your wants and needs can be the beginning of an interesting and rewarding journey, a new chapter in your lives.

To help couples to build the relationship that they want, Lesley has created the B.E.C.O.M.E. couples coaching programme. Click here for details.

Couples Coaching with Lesley enables you to Become ………..


Understanding of each others needs
More intimate
More passionate
Best friends
Better communicators
More loved
More loving

Divorce & Separation

Prepared for Divorce

Prepared for Separation

Able to focus on the future

Able to manage your emotions

Able to recognise and understand your feelings

Considerate of each others needs

Able to negotiate and compromise

Committed to finding the right solution

Able to consider all the options

* Family Consultancy available as part of  Collaborative Law and Mediation

Family Matters

More communicative
More loving
Less confrontational
In tune with one another
Family focused
Happier parents
Happier children
Able to recognise past traumas
Able to concentrate on future solutions
Transform how you function together

Ways to work with Lesley….

The Traditional

Regular weekly one hour sessions.

The Intensive

If weekly commitments are difficult Lesley offers concentrated half or full day sessions to kick start your progress towards making the changes that you want to make.  This can then be followed up with further intensive half or full day sessions every 4 – 6 weeks, or more frequent one hour sessions, as appropriate to your needs.

The Weekender

Maybe it just feels impossible to get away during the week, due to work and family commitments, if this sounds like you, Lesley offers the opportunity to engage in a full 2 day weekend programme, that will really get you thinking and communicating in a different way.  An individually tailored follow up programme will be created during the weekend, to make sure that you stay on track.

Group Events

Lesley offers regular one day group ‘couples coaching’ events, where you work together alongside other couples in a workshop style format on designated elements of the B.E.C.O.M.E programme.

“Lesley created an environment that allowed members of our family to feel comfortable enough to share their personal opinions for the first time in decades: and with her help and guidance, we were able to identify deep rooted issues clearly for the first time and focus on repairing them.  Our time with her was a real eye opener, and the experience has helped us no end.”