For You

To help you to become the very best version of yourself, Lesley has created the B.E.C.O.M.E the Best You Tool Bag, click here to find out more.

Coaching with Lesley helps you to create ideas and develop the best plans for your personal life, your business life or your work life, enabling you to unlock the door to the future you want and to become…


The person you want to become
Emotionally stronger
More confident
Understanding of own reactions
Able to identify own strengths
Able to build on own strengths
Able to unpick difficult situations
Personally resilient
Able to make significant changes
More focussed on achieving goals
Able to devise life plan
An achiever


An achiever
In balance (work/life)
Goal setter
Less stressed
Passionate about what you do


A better communicator
More effective
Whatever or whoever you want to be
Able to change direction
Able to improve relationships
A better leader/manager
Emotionally intelligent
A team player

“I have known Lesley for several years and, as well as attending her training events, I have also had, and continue to have, one-to-one business coaching with her.  Always direct, friendly and professional, Lesley has been a great support in tackling the development of my business, as well as helping me with any underlying personal issues.  She helps me focus on the bigger picture but also the detail of how to get where I want to be. She is a great mentor and I am always confident of her advice.  I regularly recommend Lesley to my clients and business contacts, both as support for them and for their team members.”

Sue Beeby, The HR Dept